My tongue gets everything
On your leg backwards
Rhodolite turtle
Lapis lemons
Hurting for that one animal
Soft side growing hairs
Half of the time
I don’t feel like here anyway
Words were it
Now sounds are
Drop the third card
Saved me from derailing
Listen to the full song
And it will get me what I want
Never jailed
Never on my knees
Protection from D’Orsay
Never derail
Thurston Moore makes my dog wild
Because sounds are
Back when it was words
I moved along
What was deep then
Makes what I like now bottomless
What was inaccessible
By my me who liked
Kathy Acker and black curtains
Is now all I can do in
Blueberry phase
Lined with things I must do
On each wall of my home
There’s something I need to do
I do not keep anything in the center
Empty center
Sitting on the bench with art supplies
Working to clear it
For sounds
That harass the words
I used to crave
Listen to the full song
The only thing I’ll miss
What noises we will continue to make





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