I bought that peacock housecoat
and the Spetsnaz lapel pin
while I was alone
I alone decided it was smart to own
Pete Doherty’s blood art
and a series of plasticine Pink Panthers
now next to the toaster oven
I trolled alone for perfect bindings
the jaundiced canons
in the unused second bedroom
on my way to the toilet
an ungrateful snuffle of out-of-print
German lit digs in my gap
on the balcony with my little dog
birds evolution skipped
have shit on my hedgerow
there is a neighbor
I’ll call him Alice
Alice is always alone
strobe-stills of him in the motion sensor
light on his driveway
he scales a bark ladder for a virginal vice
unleashing a tornado of smoke
on blown seeds in a spider cocoon
dunks a ball in the mobile net
his mother bought last year
there are ceaseless inconsistent revisions of Alice
countless between two dusks
a relieved breath from a maternal wallet
shifting countertenor
American lion
Courbet when one could feel Courbet dying
Caravaggio when far from God
when not
Titian on a Sunday rolls a pretsigaret for
an Escher-graph
on Wednesday
at billiards
when he toughens up
Alice is the cock-stencil tag on slumdump
crumbling concrete


Alice comes home roughed up
he comes home sad
he gets beat up a lot by Greg at school
brick-crust on his lips caked streams and lakes
on his chewed cuticles
he cries openly
longer than his fifteen years
his tongue molests the split lip
no cure to capture him
like my slop
we unite and congeal
after so many hours of being crowbarred apart
while I work
while he is educated
under red August nap and apple still in his cheek
when we are alone together
his house-key is hot on his hip
the birdshit hedgerow slick with our solo ache
Jocasta quivers
on the takedown bow
vinegar sweat and rubber grommet trimmings
scabs and sour milk
cunt juice jellies in matted velour
knees drawn to his chin and a
mucous-film on my teeth
we make movies on my phone and promises
in bleach and flour
how we will drag Greg’s face over the
Bonneville Salt Flats
flaps of his freckled cruel flesh
flags for volunteer chokecherry and rabbitbrush
pig-nose now one bloody hole
overbite caught on the land-speed stopwatch
Alice loves these movies
his laugh a hiccup when his voice cracks with ha








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